Saturday, January 31, 2009

Our Family

What fun I have with My Three Sons today.
Charles, Richard, Norman.

We took the Early American Writing class, followed
by the Earlie English Writing class. Then we visited
Norman's friends (on a mission) in the Joseph Smith
Memorial Bldg, starting with lunch in Nauvoo Cafe.

Hi! This is Norman. It's great being here w/ Mother.
I'll be taking Charlie home with me... leaving soon.
Later 'Tater! Norman "SmoothSailing" Shipp.

Hi .!. This is Charlie. Richard just left for Orem, just
after he set Mother up to be an 'author' here on the
Homeport blogspot: that lets her create paragraphs,
like this one, called 'posts'. Others can add comments.
Next, we will set some bookmarks so she can see
photos of children, cousins, infants and toddlers as
they are posted on decendant blogspots. Join in!

1 comment:

  1. Great job, Mom. You are the keystone to our circle
    of blogspots in the blogosphere.

    Consider it a circle of family love and support;
    in addition to being a photo book that lasts.

    It lets cousins see cousins and is positive encouragement.
    What a joy they have from seeing themselves and cousins.