Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Family Circle of Love and Support

Dear Hearts,       (Our first post.)  Thanks, Richard, for letting us in.
  Think of the existing and coming blogspots as a circle of communication,
where families have their blogspot for sharing pictures/comments.
At the top of the circle is Leila Petty Shipp and around the circle are 
those that have a blogspot for their family; and those that do not,
can add comments to SIBbling 'posts' that are here at Home Port.  .!.
HBT    =    How 'bout That !               Charlie & Lynnette


  1. What did the Prophet say?
    President Spencer W. Kimball said to keep a personal journal, like Adam and other great people on Earth, including President Kimball. For posterity and family now, we have journals and the book of remembrance. There is also the picture scrapbook! Now with modern and accelerating technology, we have blogspots by Google Inc. They are free and a godsend. What better way to accelerate communication in your immediate family and Grandma Leila's decendency? It portends to be a Family REUNION between the annual family reunions in SLC in July!

  2. Here is another quote from another prophet I think as Shipps we must have on our family blog! Brigham Young had a unique way in which he referred to the Church:

    “God is at the helm. This is the mighty ship Zion. You stick to the ship and honor it, and see that you are in favor with the ship Zion and you need not worry about anything else. …

    “… He guides the ship, and will bring us safely into port. All we have to care about is to take care of ourselves and see that we do right. Let us man the ship manfully, everyone standing faithfully and firmly to his post, and she will outride every storm and safely bear us to the harbor of celestial bliss.”

    most of us have probably heard this quote before.

  3. Thanks, David-son -- That's an awesome quote .!.