Monday, January 12, 2009

Monthly Letter about REUNION '09
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  1. This is also a test of cut/paste from MS Word:
    We just returned from Stake Choir practice and thought I would jot a note; we missed the hand-written note on Fast Sunday last week, being in Kansas. We are doing well here and have some ideas about REUNION ’09 -- such as continuing contact through the year.

    Everything is set up to take Mother-Leila to handwriting class in our Family History Library, (west of the Tabernacle) and Richard, Norman, and Charlie are planning to be with her. We have had some conversation with leaders in INDEXING and they have appreciated our input. Our favorite instructor and friend is Katie Gale, who writes online instruction.

    As you know, Lynnette and I are stake Family History Directors and our leader, Brother Stuart Bisk (High Council) just phoned us and says the Stake President is pleased we are accepting the goal of indexing 500,000 in 2009 (since we did 315,000 in 2008.) Lynnette and I did 90% of that in our spare time (it’s a secret) and feel we cannot do much more unless we have help. (So we will call five active indexers in each ward, plus a few in our Chinese, Spanish, and Korean branches. We already have 72 indexers, a stake calling, but few are ‘active’.) So we will assess and call to activation.

    We promised to put together some plans in the various areas of interest, and our leaders can watch for them on and a companion blogspot. We have plans for a galaxy indexing user group and will be talking to Richard McBride, leader of our Regional Family History Center, before I serve at the temple Tuesday evening.

    Speaking of blogspots and Kansas, we are closing in on completing a circle of blogspots with our children-families, starting from youngest to oldest: Amy Diane Shipp Brooksby has been fantastic in following President Kimball’s admonition on journaling — and her online news is awesome with We should all be so good.

    We have some other concepts and ideas we’ll post on

    Till Later, Your Shipps in the Harbor, Gratefully, Charlie (and Lynnette)

    And we will send you this info via eMail and USPS.